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Call for Papers for Postdoc Journal

Are you interested in getting some of your research published?  Why not consider submitting to the Postdoc Journal.

Postdoc Journal is an Open Access Journal of Postdoctoral Research.  With approximately 120,000 postdocs worldwide, and approximately 90,000 working in the US alone, spread across 3,000 universities and research institutions, postdocs are a major force behind almost all major breakthroughs in many fields of research with their inherent creative and hardworking nature.  Postdoc Journal aims to highlight this fact by providing an exclusive platform to showcase their contributions.  The journal, chalked out to be a monthly publication and set to release on the 20th of each month with at least 10 papers to begin with, publishes research findings in ALL fields postdocs conduct research in.  The journal accepts original research papers, reviews, perspectives, commentaries as well as research highlights.  A research highlight is a 500-word summary of a recent publication in any journal that has an impact on ongoing research in that field.  All submissions go through a conventional peer-review process before being accepted for publication.  The general time-frame from submission to acceptance for review submissions has been less than 6 weeks, with a much smaller time-frame for perspectives, commentaries and research highlights.

Postdoc journal is endorsed by an excellent panel of advisors, highly accomplished scientists and academicians, including a Nobel Laureate.  The 3-tier, 60 member editorial board consists of accomplished postdocs from various universities/research institutions, disciplines, and countries.

All submissions can be sent to or can be submitted online ( through our automated system. Submissions should be accompanied by a cover letter and contacts of 3 to 5 referees, experts in your focus of research.

Recommended guidelines for Review papers:

1. There is no single, requisite format for the Review papers; however, authors should strive to adhere to a standard format from a premier journal in their respective fields.

2. There is no specific length requirement for a Review paper but most papers should be between 3000 and 4000 words.

3. Can use up to 6 display items – figures, tables, boxes etc.

4. Limit on the number of citations is 100 and contain <20% self-citations.

5. The scope of a Review Paper should be broad and not dominated by the authors’ own research work.

6. Progress articles dealing with the authors’ own research, as opposed to Review papers, should preferably not exceed 2000 words, 5 display items, and 50 citations.

7. All submissions are peer-reviewed to ensure factual accuracy, appropriate citations and scholarly balance.

7a. Authors might be requested to suggest/recommend 3 – 5 referees.

8. In-text citations – (Name, year)

9. Reviews may be supplemented by a glossary for lay-man readers, and papers in all disciplines encouraged.

10. Authors must provide a competing financial interests statement before publication.

 For any additional concerns, please feel free to contact us anytime at